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xtraa lets small businesses to connect with their customers by rewarding them on every purchase. Your customers don't have to install any app on their mobile phones. You can reward them directly on WhatsApp. Your customers can keep a track of all their purchases and points activity.

With our easy-to-use self-managed merchant app, we provide small businesses with the ability to retain the existing customers and attract the new ones to keep coming back.



xtraa provides a simple yet very effective platform that allow businesses to analyze their offline/online store traffic and customer purchase behaviour

Customer Management

Keep records of your customers and know them personally. Collect information about their purchase behaviour and spending at your business. Contact them on WhatsApp without saving their number in your contact list.

Rewards & Offers

Create your own customized rewards and offers. Boost customer loyalty with unique rewards that fit your business and give your customers a reason to return again and again.

No App for Customers

Customers just have to provide their mobile number to join your loyalty program. Notify directly on their WhatsApp when they purchase with you and earn points.

Easy Access to Customer Activity

Collect real-time customer activity like when they joined your loyalty program, number of visits, total purchases, earning points & redemptions on your own dashboard on xtraa business app.

Bring Back Lapsed Customers

Know about customers who haven’t visited your business in 1/2/3 weeks, 1/3 or more than 6 months and target them with a special offer to bring them back in-store.

Know Your Best Customers

xtraa helps you identify the shopping & visit patterns of your most loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty. Custom offers can be sent to customers based on their loyalty.

Applicable for online & offline businesses

xtraa can be used by merchants of online and offline businesses in a seamless manner.
Just get customer’s mobile number and add them to your loyalty program.

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